About us

Inviting a children’s author, poet or storyteller into your school can have a massive impact on your children and staff. The right visitor can bring their work alive, engage with their audience and inspire the children to write and perform some of their very own exciting poems and stories. Bringing in an author should be all about creating a buzz around school that can invigorate every year group from Reception right up to our oldest students leaving a lasting legacy of fun and excitement with words.

Finding the RIGHT author however is the tricky bit and this is where we come in.

Find A School Author is dedicated to matching the right visitor to the right school to bring out the best possible outcomes for everybody. We have a growing database of poets, authors and storytellers who specialise in working with children and teachers and visiting schools. They are all different and approach their visits to schools in various ways. To find the perfect match for your school use our search engine and we will endeavour to match you up with a professional that meets your needs.

Our purpose

Find A School Author exists purely to put schools in touch with a visiting professional. Once you have selected an author, schools deal directly with them to arrange visits and organise the day.

If you are an author who would like to offer their services to schools across the UK, it would be great to have you come on board!

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